5 Best Podcasts Positive Thinking Of 2020 That Nobody Should Miss

podcast positive thinking

Keeping a positive attitude is very important to live a better life and achieve goals. But, sometimes, it becomes impossible to maintain that attitude, and we lose our motivation and strength to fight against the odds. Podcast positive thinking will help you whenever you find it difficult to deal with those negative vibes.

Check out here some of the best podcasts that will teach you how to deal with tough circumstances and how to remain positive during those situations.

Best Podcasts Positive Thinking That Will Change Your Mindset

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All the mentioned podcasts are available on Apple Podcasts and include wide topics. Here’s the list of popular podcasts around the globe.

Positive Mindset Podcast

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Two hosts run podcasts, and it started in 2019. Till now, various topics like being effortless, passion, work, money, listening to emotions, CBT, finding focus, and more are discussed.

These are the topics that most of us need. Moreover, the podcasts are about how to avoid distraction and focus on our present. The duo explains this via stories, and this makes it easy for the listeners to connect and find relatable.

One of the hosts, Hugo Alberts, is a psychologist and has been working for more than ten years on mindfulness and its effectiveness. Thus, knowing and learning from him is very beneficial for those looking for true motivation.

The Overwhelmed Brain

If you want to work upon your emotional intelligence, then Overwhelmed Brain is good for you. It will help you improve your self-esteem and self-worth too. This will help you in making worthy decisions in your life.

Those dealing with anxiety, obsession, fears, depression, panic, and other issues should listen to one of these best podcasts for positive thinking.

The John Maxwell Leadership

John Maxwell’s podcasts will let you transform and become the leader you always dream of. It could be one of the most important podcasts in your life. It will guide you each day on how to think, speak, and act so that you can create an impression on others as well as in your life.

Positive Philter Podcast

Listening to this podcast every day will bring positive vibes as this includes a wide range of topics on various aspects of life. You will learn how to stay positive, spread positivity, goals setting, improve interpersonal relationships, and self-talk in a positive way.

Help Me Be Me

As the name suggests, this podcast will teach you how to bring a positive change in yourself. Moreover, it will teach you how to be your own help rather than depending on help from others. The podcast has got positive reviews from the viewers as well.

So, tune into any of these podcasts’ positive thinking and change your life. You should also learn practices like keeping a gratitude journal, focus on good people and things, and work on your negative areas.

Staying positive is not difficult; it’s just a practice that you need to adapt and gradually make a habit. And podcasts will be a great help in this new change, so tune in now.

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