6 Awe-Inspiring Books Every Independent Women Must Read In Their Lifetime

Inspiring books for independent women

Although we don’t rule the world yet, women make for some of the most amazing characters who changed the world both in the real and fictional world. And that’s why, in order to grow stronger, we need to take the experience from both the real and fictional worlds.

But how would you take inspiration and experience from the fictional world? Of course, by reading amazing books written by great writers.

In this article, we are going to talk about the top six incredible books that every independent woman should read in their lifetime.

So, without further ado, let’s get down to the list.

The Awakening; Kate Chopin

If you are looking for inspiration to awaken your inner woman, then this book will definitely help you. This book has helped many women to awaken the inner feminist that fights for the sake of themselves no matter how tough the situation gets. 

This book explored the claustrophobia-like situation women had to face due to social expectations and limitations. This way, Kate Chopin showed the women why it’s important to break free from those chains and go on their own voyage.

The Beggar Maid; Alice Munro

Inspiring books for independent women.

Alice Munro is one of those few writers whose every single book is a masterpiece and must-read. And her writing really shines when it comes to explaining the internal world of every single woman. Her book, the beggar maid, we follow a novel-like story where Rose strangely transitions from girlhood to womanhood.

The book has separate chapters each to describe a different part of the main character, Rose. Those chapters explain different times of her life such as her school days, getting hitched, and even having an affair. Overall, it’s quite amazing to read picture about Canada in the ’60s and how it looked compared to the current time we live in.

Breath, Eyes, Memory; Edwidge Danticat

If you want a book that will give you a jaw-dropping story, then look no further than Edwidge Danticat’s Breath, Eyes, Memory. To put an emphasis on how great this book really is, this book was in Oprah’s book club of 1998. The story is about a Haitian girl who suddenly gets to be together with her mom in New York City.

The whole book is filled with beautifully crafted details of Haiti, the home country of the writer of this book. Her writing about her home country definitely shows Danticat’s love for the place. This book reveals the journey of Sophie, the main protagonist, and how she wins over every odds to create a beautiful life.

Who Will Run The Frog Hospital?; Lorrie Moore

Inspiring books for independent women.
Image Credit – Literary Hub

While it’s true that Elena Ferrante’s novels are famous for friendship between two women, “Who will run the frog hospital?” by Lorrie Moore is definitely a classic that you can’t afford to miss. Lorrie Moore is famous for his precise yet short stories that resonate with the readers. And she has done exactly the same thing with this book too.

In less than 200 pages, she amazingly explained the pleasures and pains of sisterly love between girls. The book ultimately shows how this amazing friendship grows and influences their lives even though they are long apart.

Mansfield Park; Jane Austen

Mostly known as the author of the timeless romance classic Pride And Prejudice, Jane Austen’s third book, Mansfield Park, is one of her most beloved novels. This book is about the life of Fanny Price who had to travel to live with her wealthy relative to take the pressure off her family facing poverty. And it’s quite a slow burn.

This book will constantly thrill you with more and more suspense with every single page. The reader will keep wondering what will Fanny ultimately choose? Would she choose to be with frivolous but dashing Henry or Edmund, who is serious and more responsible but troubled by the flirtatious behavior of Mary?

Definitely, this is one of the books every woman should read.

A Good Man Is Hard To Find And Other Stories; Flannery O’Conner

Inspiring books for independent women.
Image Credit – IndieBound

The next book on our list is written by one of the greatest short story writers of America ever, Flannery O’Conner. She is famous for her nightmarish yet enthralling stories with a spin of dark humor and deep compassion that revolve around its characters and plots. And her book “A Good Man Is Hard To Find And Other Stories” is nothing different and as amazing as it can be.

The is consists of 10 different tales each with beautifully contrasting stories. In the tales, the writer commingles opposite different scenarios to make an incredible story. In the stories, transformation mingles with tradition, faith with cynicism, beauty with brutality, and good people with killers. This is something no one can afford to miss.

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