6 Self-development Books You Must Know About

self-development books

The self-development books industry is a booming one with so many self-development books being published every day. However, not all self-development books are created equal and some self-help books can be downright damaging to your self-esteem if you don’t take the time to vet them properly before reading them.

In this article, we will list six self-development books that have helped us in our journey of self improvement and growth. They cover topics from leadership skills for female entrepreneurs to mindfulness exercises for anxiety relief which makes them perfect for anyone looking for a way to better themselves.

1) The Confidence Code: How Self Belief Is the Key To Success And Inner Peace by Katty Kay & Claire Shipman

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This self-development book is great for anyone who wants to take control of their self-confidence and self worth. The authors, Katty Kay & Claire Shipman, cover how self-worth can impact your profession as well as personal life so if you’re looking to improve the way you view yourself this book will be perfect for you.

2) The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by Eckhart Tolle

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This self-development book is a great self-help book for anyone going through a time of self-doubt or self-reflection. Getting in touch with the present moment and knowing your self worth can be hard but this self development classic will definitely help you along the way.

3) The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith by Gabrielle Bernstein

This self-development book is great for anyone who’s ever felt afraid of what lies ahead of them. If you’re looking to learn how to trust yourself, your decisions and the universe then this self-help book is perfect for you.

4) The Little Book of Mindfulness: 10 minutes a day to less stress, more peace by Patrizia Collard

This self-development book contains mindfulness exercises that are great for relieving your anxiety, improving your self-esteem and self-confidence. If any of these self-development areas are things you’re looking to improve then this self-help book is definitely one that will help you do that.

5) The Empathic Civilization: The Race to Global Consciousness in a World in Crisis by Jeremy Rifkin

This self-development book is great for anyone who wants to learn how to self-develop emotionally. The self-help book uses self-development examples of the past to show you how you can improve your self-esteem, self-worth and self-compassion so if anyone of these areas are areas you’re looking to self develop then this self development book will help you do that.

6) The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter & How to Make the Most of Them Now by Meg Jay

This self-development book is a self development self-help book for anyone who’s ever felt like their self-worth hinges on how much they accomplished in their twenties. If you’re looking for ways to self-develop in your twenties then this self development book will definitely help you out.


Developing yourself takes time, energy and self motivation which is why self-development books can be so valuable to someone’s self improvement journey. The key is finding the self-help books that are right for you so take some time to find self-help books that you can come back to again and again.

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