A Unique Design Comes with a Vintage Appearance That Is Perfect for a Variety of Uses! Check This!

No matter how modern we become and find satisfaction in the materialist things of the present era. The real peace lies in the vintage materials that have the essence of our ancestors or of old times. During the period that we call vintage today, people don’t have phones to click selfies, but they have pictures of every person close to them. They don’t have google notes to journal their everyday routine but dairies that last longer than the times. 

Writing a journal is a very good habit that minimizes the stress you went through during the day. In short, it is a great habit that we should inherit from our elders and pass it to our young ones. The young generation or the present generation might not like the idea of writing a diary daily. But if they have a vintage diary with a beautiful design, they cannot resist writing one. 

A wise man said that we should not judge a book by its cover. But the generation we have now judge everything by its cover. Sometimes that looks fancy and cool drives them crazy. So if you want your younger one to start writing or keeping a journal, you should get them a diary that looks extraordinary, more like vintage. So that they think about writing as no one will have a diary-like them. 

Decorative Vintage Paper Materials For DIY Crafts

This decorative vintage paper comes in a set type that gives you enough paper to use for journals. With an amazing outer cover, the value of these decorative vintage paper enhances even more. 

These decorative vintage paper can be used for many things like DIY wall decors, DIY home decors, scraping projects, photo albums, etc. These decorative vintage papers are worth buying, and they will give another star to your collection. The amount it is selling for is worth every penny. 


  • Set Type: YES
  • Material: Paper
  • Type of Wholesale: No
  • Model Number: MY230
Text, letter


  • It gives your crafts a vintage feel without doing much. This paper’s background will show the versatility of your creativity.
  • It is ideal for your scrapbooking projects, wall decors, journal planners, DIY home decors, photo albums, etc.
  • The material used in making this vintage diary is paper. 


  • These decorative vintage papers are prone to damage. 


So how is the vintage lover doing? You are finding ways to get these decorative vintage papers to use in multiple ways in your head—link on the giving image and shop for yourself before it goes out of stock.

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