An Informative Guide On How to Switch Career

It is widespread for everyone to start assessing where they are in their Career after a couple of years of professional life. Now that you have done a reality check on yourself and you feel you have lost the race and will ask yourself “How to Switch Career”. Tell me, is the essential part of your so-called dream was that decent salary that IT folks usually get when compared to others rather than the IT industry job itself? You chose to land in Gurgaon. You decided to switch your job domain. 

 If it wasn’t for that decent salary and the partying lifestyle, would you have chosen to remain in it for so long? Think again. If you were passionate enough about programming, wouldn’t it have stuck to your mind sooner than after all these three years?

An Informative Guide On How to Switch Career? Discuss
An Informative Guide On How to Switch Career

How to Switch Career

 Now, if you still feel that you are passionate about getting back programming, you need to set up a plan for the next few years. Don’t quit your current job and start searching in IT industries right away. You have three years of experience in marketing profile, and you want to switch to IT. People will think you are not in the right frame of mind, and even if you get a job, you will be to offer peanuts/salary.

 Start taking up freelancing contracts. It will be challenging to beat the competition out in the freelancing world, but you get to work with a diverse set of technologies, different domains, and learn a lot in a short period. Don’t think about the money while making these contracts. Once you have this exposure for two years or so, build your resume.

Tips On Switching Your Career

An Informative Guide On How to Switch Career? Discuss
An Informative Guide On How to Switch Career

As a recruiter, I have had a front-row seat to watch several people switch careers and industries and come out on top in the end. Here are the nine things they did to survive:

·        Don’t be afraid to fail. You must, must, must take action – lots of it. Get out there and don’t worry about making a mistake. See mistakes for what they are: a learning experience. You won’t improve unless you’re making mistakes, so get out there and start making them. The sooner, the better.

·        Become a learning machine! Seriously, do this. Read everything you can about your new position/industry.

·        Reduce your outgoing expenses as much as possible. Do you need cable TV? Cancel your subscription and use that time to read and learn all that you can. Cutting your outgoing expenses can also buy you more time if things get tight financially.

·        Build in time to relax. You will be working very hard during this period, and be sure to listen to your body when it tells you it’s time to rest.

·        Find a mentor. Seek out someone who is where you want to be in the industry and soak up as much as you can from them. I was blessed to have two great mentors in my life when I made my latest transition, and I am forever grateful for their help. Listen to them and model their behavior. And be sure to thank them! Celebrate your victories. Take time to acknowledge your hard work and be sure to reward yourself and your family when you achieve one of your goals.