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quotes about life

Quotes about life provide great insight into what we are all going through. These wise words can help us to make sense of difficult situations, deal with change, and understand the true meaning of our lives. Unfortunately, many people are unable to truly find the courage to read quotes about life. Often, they feel that talking about such things would be inappropriate or even a waste of time. However, in order to live life correctly, it is absolutely necessary to learn from others as well as from your environment.

Popular Quotes

Best Quotes

Here are popular quotes about life to help inspire you to take action: “If you want to have success, stop trying to do things yourself. The best way to have success is to let others help you to do things.” – Zig Ziglar “No pain, no gain.” – John Paul Young “A year from today I’ll still be in the same place I am right now, but it won’t feel like it.” – Descartes “A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” – John Kennedy “To succeed in life you must love yourself and have the courage to want success for yourself.” – Albert Einstein “Do not expect to live a perfect life. If you do, you will fail very badly.” – Anthony Robbins “If you understand that everything starts with a thought, your whole life becomes simple.” – Richard Bach “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Anthony Robbins “The future belong to the future – past belongs to the past.” – Yogi Berra “You have to believe that your dreams can come true.” – Mahatma Gandhi “A person who cannot dream but thinks can only dream; he that can dream but thinks can win.” – Victor Hugo “Nothing comes to me as easily as a kiss from a lady.” – James Joyce “I was asked once by a stranger, ‘what is your secret strength?’ And I answered, ‘My secret strength is my faith in a beautiful lie.’ She laughed, and then said, ‘Oh, I know you don’t really believe that. Because if you did, you wouldn’t be here, I guess.” – Unknown “My faith in a beautiful lie is the greatest strength of all.” – Unknown “We are all alone on this earth except for ourselves.” – William Shakespeare “Life itself is a mystery because everything is an illusion.” – Albert Einstein

Effects of Positive Quotes

Best Quotes

One quote that gives me comfort when I am feeling low is one by Charles Schwab that says, “If you feel low, remember that you are the greatest creation of God”. This gives me hope because although I have failed many times, I always remember that God has not given me no fortune. If you look at life from a survival standpoint, you will understand what I am saying. When I was looking at my garden and comparing it to the picture in my mind, it seemed obvious to me that my garden had not only given me no personal gain but also nothing I could ever use to feel good about myself. But after reading this quote, I see that God has given me everything – so that I can be happy no matter what happens in my life.

Another of the best quotes about life is by Keller quotes that says, “Success leaves clues. Not so failure. If you want to succeed, you have to find out how others mistake you for someone else. They don’t.” I find this both empowering and reassuring and really believe it because everyone else usually does not make the same mistakes as they see you making.

In Conclusion

The most powerful quote about life is by the man himself, Albert Einstein. He said, “I believe that all men are created equal, that they are endowed with different natural abilities and with different potential for knowledge, happiness, and physical well-being. I also feel that with enough time and effort, we can each attain a greater degree of comprehension of our universe, and know for ourselves that success is a journey, not a destination.” This quote from Einstein’s scientific thinking has inspired many people to live their lives with the realization that happiness is not found in a destination, but in the journey.

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