Best Self-Help Books for your Personal Growth

Personal Growth Books


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A self-help book is written to instruct its readers on solving personal problems. At times, these books are written by people with life experiences who want to share their stories for others to follow. Other times they are written by professional authors or therapists with expertise in the topics being discussed. Some of the famous ones are as follows:

The Smart Girl’s Guide to the World:

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This book is a combination of all types of self-help topics, such as goal setting and finding the right career path. Ultimately, this book combines positive psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy to help readers better themselves for life’s harder moments rather than simply telling them what they should do. While this book does not focus on any one subject matter more than others, it has been highly popularized because it summarizes how exactly young women can improve their lives and become successful no matter what field of work they’re choosing to pursue.

Daring Greatly:

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown is a New York Times bestseller that has been recommended by many self-help enthusiasts for its simple, yet powerful message of what it means to truly live. Brown teaches her readers how to embrace vulnerability instead of fearing it, which ultimately leads to building strong relationships with the people around you. This book emphasizes that one’s worth does not come from just their accomplishments, but also through experiencing hard times and overcoming them or simply allowing yourself to be seen in your true light.

The Happiness Project:

The Happiness Project by author Gretchen Rubin is another great source for those interested in learning more about improving their attitude towards life. Rubin works as a writer and spends an entire year testing different theories on how to improve herself, all to become a happier person. This book is a great way to learn more about the science behind being happy so you can begin to incorporate it into your everyday life.


Willpower, written by renowned author Roy Baumeister, is a source everyone should take a look at for those who want to truly tap into their best self and be successful. This book studies how our human mind works through experiments done on college students from all different sorts of backgrounds from many different countries around the world. In his findings, he comes up with what exactly willpower is and how we as humans can improve it.

The 5 Love Languages:

The 5 Love Languages was written by Dr. Gary Chapman as a way to assist couples in improving their relationships together. Through this book, Dr. Chapman teaches his readers the five different languages of love and how they can apply them into their everyday lives outside of a romantic partnership as well. This simple self-help guide is one that everyone should definitely take a look at as we all have unique ways of showing and receiving affection, but we often forget to truly understand what those ways are and how we can be better at expressing it.


The five books mentioned above all provide different pieces of self-help advice that can be applied to your everyday life. Whether you’re looking for relationship tips, career guidance, or simply want more information on how the human brain works in order to improve yourself, these are some great sources to read up on before making any decisions. These books will help you become a better version of yourself and lead a happier life.

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