Best Self Improvement Audio Books to Read

best self improvement audio books

Do you know what self-improvement audio books are? They are audio books that can improve your life by teaching you the techniques to achieve self-improvement. There are many books that are full of advice, and self-help techniques that will help you. Unfortunately, there is not one specific book that is guaranteed to work for everyone. It’s up to the reader to determine what books will be most beneficial in improving their personal development. Here are my top 10 books to read self-improvement techniques.

An Overview

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This is a recent review of a book that has received a lot of attention recently. Author Robert Kiyosaki claims in his book that social media like Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn will allow us to reach our maximum potential at work. Social media allows us to see what our friends are doing, when they are doing it and more importantly how they are doing it. In this recent review of Bob Edwards’ latest best self help audio book, Kiyosaki shares several social media management tips that you will find useful in using social media to its fullest potential.

This recent review of a Bob Edwards audio book has me very interested in his newest book called “Wings of Change: Turn negative thoughts into positive action.” According to the narrator, we all have internal “swords” that need to be released. These swords can be brought out through reflection and the process of releasing them through thought and action. The narrator begins each chapter with a personal story of how a similar situation came about and how this “parable sword” was released through reflection and the desire to change.

Best Self Improvement Audio Books

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This is a review of one of my favorite audiobooks of all time, “Solving Your Problem.” Author Lisa Nichols continues with her recital of the most common self-improvement books, as presented by the American Society for Psychotherapy and Addiction Therapy (ASPAT). These include: The Power of Conversational Hypnosis, Feeling Good, Getting Started, Self Help Book, and a publication that I might add to this list: Self-Help for Overcoming Shyness and Social Anxiety.

These are just a few of the self help books listed in the author’s book. I enjoyed listening to “Solving Your Problem” and found several techniques that apply to my own life. The key thing I found in this audio book was how to get past my insecurities and fear of speaking in public and how to turn those insecurities into strength and courage. I think most people would benefit from listening to this motivational and self help audio book. It really made me want to take action and try to change something about myself.

Another of the top self improvement books to read self improvement information is the book: Your Perfect Skin by Julia Cameron. This book gave me hope when I realized that I had some flaws and went out and did something about it. This was the biggest step I took to change something about me. This audio book gave me encouragement as well as helping me with several self-help techniques that work.

My final recommendation would be “The Works”. I had to laugh when I read that title because I had never read a book title before that had to do with improving yourself! But it was definitely the best self development books to read list I could ever read. The voiceover by the famous Ann Tran is awesome and the story is great.

In The End

Now you know what some of the best self improvement books to read are. Enjoy your stay on this planet and I hope that you find your place in the world. If not in the social media world, at least start using it to better yourself. If you want to stay connected to others, then start using social media to connect with others. These three books will definitely make your journey a little easier.

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