Change Your Outlook From Negative To Positive With One Positive Thought

one positive thought

One Positive Thought…saves the listener with hope and inspiration every time! What makes One Positive Thought so unique? It’s actually a simple concept – you can think of one positive thought everyday if you really want to. The amazing thing is that this one thought (or rather the “thought” part) is so powerful, so worthwhile, and yet so few people take advantage of this powerful tool. It’s such a simple concept but yet it has helped millions over the years. So I invite you to read on as we journey together towards One Positive Thought…

About One Positive Thought

Positive Thought

One positive thought is a series of intentional and uninhibited thoughts geared to creating the much desired One Positive Thought…a change in thinking which will create a noticeable change in your attitude. Many times we let negative thoughts enter our mindset, that leads us down the road to negativity. This road can lead us to a state of depression or despair. When we are depressed, we are not aware of what we are doing and we do not have any “careful” intentions. On the other hand, when we have a positive attitude, we are aware of what we are doing and we have a purpose to our attitude.

What One Positive Thought Series Offers?

Positive Thought

This One Positive Thought series offers simple quotes with a life-changing power. Think about what you often say to yourself…have you ever stopped to consider the impact of your thoughts on your body, other people, and/or environment? Have you ever told yourself that maybe you could have done something differently, maybe you could have said or done something differently? This one thought can change everything for you. Imagine if you could change one thing about yourself…that would change everything else about you as well!

We are surrounded by negative thoughts every minute of every day. Many of those thoughts will be positive, but many others will be negative. Those that are positive are the ones we should be concentrating on…those that inspire us to move forward and reach for our goals. And it is those thoughts that we can change to stay positive and to focus on reaching our goals.

If you think about it, you will find that the only way to change negative thoughts into positive ones is to have one positive thought in the morning and another one at night. The third one at night will become your new reality, and the positive thought in the morning can become your new reality again. Each time you think about those thoughts, you are creating a new reality.

These three ideas are powerful, and they work each day without fail. However, there are other ways to think positive thoughts…the power of positive words. These words can help us create new realities every single day. And while negative words cannot hurt us, they do not create the same positive thoughts either.

Change Negative Thoughts Into Positive Thoughts

In order to change negative thoughts into positive thoughts, we need to distract ourselves from them for a while and focus on the opposite. Instead of thinking negative thoughts about a situation, or a person, think positive thoughts about doing something different. Instead of thinking how our life is going, think what life is going to look like if we do this. This kind of mental diversion is called ‘thought suspension,’ and it can help to shift the way we think about negative or depressing situations.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t believe this works, try it out for a few days…set aside a few minutes every day to think of the happiest moment you’ve ever had, and tell yourself how great it feels. Now, try to change that negative outlook into a positive one. See yourself enjoying the benefits of a good mood and see the opportunities opening up to you. This is the power of positive attitude and quotes…they can do wonders for your mood and your life!

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