Easily Understood with the Simplified Chinese Language and Quality Images to Capture Imagination!

Are you feeling stressed or really down these days? Want to release your stress level? Well, you can go back to comfort reading to release stress or mind refreshment. You can read some fiction books to get a break from regular or practical life. Furthermore, fiction is an artificial creation, and it is a controlled imaginary world in which characters interact, move, and feel. It can be soothing, fascinating, and clarifying, and thus it creates a different and positive impact on our mind, which can divert us from our stress or depression. So it may be good for you to go with fiction books for having a break.

Moreover, if you are a Chinese learner and trying to find good Chinese reading material, you can go with our simplified Chinese fiction book “Here you are.” It is a comic book, and it covers issues in such a way that you may not have seen from other comics before. In this book, the artwork is stunning, and the characters are unforgettable. You will indeed find so many relatable moments in this comic book, and it is not over the top, overdramatic, or unrealistic.

Simplified Chinese Fiction Book

“Here you are” is a simplified Chinese Fiction Book that you can enjoy to ease your stress. With the simplified Chinese language, one can understand the book very quickly and easily. Plus, it has quality images and colors perfect for capturing your imagination while reading. It has a total of 272 pages that you will surely love to read constantly. The size of the book is 23 x 16 cm. You will be delighted if you read this book even for a bit of a while; besides, you would still giggle if you read it more than 100 times.

Now you can buy this Simplified Chinese Fiction Book here.

Specification: Simplified Chinese Fiction Book

  • Brand Name: nbyinto
  • Age: Adult
  • Language: Chinese (Simplified)
  • Condition: New
  • Publication Year: 2010-Now
  • Format: Paperback
  • Binding: Fine Binding
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  • Broad perspective: this simplified Chinese fiction book introduces you to different personalities, problems, thoughts, coping strategies, etc.
  • Visuality: It introduces you to see other worlds and other lives that you would never have faced otherwise.
  • Standard of series: This series is different and outstanding in regards to perfect balance in the chemistry, the character representation, and the exploration of the emotions and complex thoughts of the characters.


  • Language hurdles: This book is written in simplified Chinese, so it may be inappropriate for those who may not know the Chinese language because there is no translation in English or any other language found in this book.


Moreover, leave your worries behind, and experience peace through the wonder and magic of reading with a simplified Chinese fiction book. The standard collection is updated again to optimize the binding and layout and enhance the effect of reading. But sometimes, after reading fiction stories, you might find yourself living in an imaginative world and lose touch with the real-life you have to lead.

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