Goal Setting Books

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Goal Setting Books

Others think that getting tips from goal setting books is overrated and that people need to stop giving goal setting itself so much attention (overrated might not exactly be the word we’re looking for here but you get the drift). “Know what your goals are and do them,” we hear skeptics say.

However, talking about goal setting and identifying the why’s and the how’s of what can help us get there are more important than we may think. Some believe that it’s all about setting a schedule and making a task-oriented plan. To put it simply, we agree. We know and believe with certainty that these are a part of goal setting.

Still, there is a much bigger picture we’d like you to grasp about why we should take goal setting seriously and how you can follow it with success.

An Introduction To Goal Setting

There are days when everything seems like it’s set. You have a schedule to follow from the time you get up, have breakfast, take a shower and change for work. Even the things we need to do once we’re seated at our desk are usually already fixed.

From meetings to checking emails, making phone calls and even taking breaks. And when you get back home, it’s the same shmanana (us trying to make this sound a little less heavy). You prepare dinner for yourself (and for your family if you already have one). Then it’s time for bed. Come morning the next day, you go through the same cycle.

This is a routine. This is NOT goal setting. Even if you write down your routine in your organizer or on your handheld, you’re only recording tasks you need to do. Again, it is NOT goal setting.

Goal setting is when you create an aim, along with a series of actions you will take in order to achieve it in a set amount of time. Time, along with resources shape goals. Plus, your motivation and focus in achieving them strengthen your resolve to complete it. Therefore goal setting is aiming for something that you want to achieve. And achieve with an explosion (the good kind), might we add.

Goal Setting Books: Why Read Them

Because we want to get this right. Setting up our goals have to do with our future and we should want to build a future with firm and steady foundations. Reading goal setting books will not only help us learn how to discipline ourselves when it comes to making and following tasks and schedules (short term). Reading goal setting books will aid in teaching us to think long term, commit to and strive hard for the accomplishment of our goals.

1. The Five Book

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The Five Book

A practical book with practical instructions and applications to set our objectives, Dan Zadra asks the crucial question of where we think we will find ourselves after so and so years. It’s a beautiful take on discovering what you really want to do and how you should do it.

2. Your Best Year Ever

Your Best Year Ever

No longer will you have to be anxious about how to start setting goals and maintain it. Author Michael Hyatt has come up with a step-by-step program you can follow, and turn dreams and goals into reality. Gone are the days of being clueless about what to do next!

3. Goal Getter (A Productive Journal)

Goal Getter (A Productive Journal)

The title, being a play of words of that renown phrase, this journal is for every man and woman who want to be go-getters starting now. A bestseller from modern script designs, we don’t want to mislead you here. It’s not a book, but a journal. After reading helpful tips about how to set goals, journal your journey to watch your progress. It’s an awesome way to be motivated and to stay motivated.

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