Growth Mindset Self Assessment- Ways To Be Better -

Growth Mindset Self Assessment- Ways To Be Better

growth mindset self assessment

Have you ever thought of how to move on in life? Are you going on the right path? Have you ever wondered how to take your life forward – to the next stage?

Well! Here is an article to clear you of all the doubts. One can live a life in any manner – some may look forward to stepping up in life while some may feel satisfied with what they have. 

This can be put as a fixed mindset and growth mindset. These two mindsets shape one’s life.

Fixed Mindset Growth Mindset Self Assessment

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This mindset is something that has to do with people who want nothing more in life than what they have. They wish to stay as they are for years together. They avoid challenges and won’t be ready to risk anything in life. They will run towards success but won’t be ready to accept failures. Criticisms might easily offend them, and they feel insecure and left out on seeing other’s success. 

Growth Mindset Self Assessment

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A Growth mindset is something that needs a resolve to finish anything. A bold mind and heart are all one needs to have growth in life. The one who wants to take his/her life forward should be ready to take risks anytime and should always be excited about facing challenges.

Positive Outlook:

The person with a growth mindset won’t get affected by any failures. Instead, he/she will always learn from failures and look up to succeeding in life after rectifying the mistakes. They won’t rest until they succeed. Every time they fall, they come up with new feathers and look at the world with new eyes.

Even though they fail, they will be ultimately happy for having tried whole-heartedly. They won’t see failure as a negative factor hindering their success; rather, they take it as a postponed success. 

There are several people who are experts in various categories. Not all can study well, and not all can excel in medicine. Everyone indeed has a hidden quality and talent that will be useful when used in the proper way.

How To Assess What Kind Of Mindset You Fall In?

1.   Are you ready to work hard and learn a lot?

2.   Is learning new things more important to you than scoring well?

3.   Do you believe that you can increase your intelligence and basic knowledge through whole-hearted work?

4.   Are you open to constructive criticisms?

5.   Do you see inspiration in the success of others?

If your answer is ‘yes,’ then you are a person with a growth mindset. 


Success is not about scoring well and succeeding at every point in life; instead, success is all about learning from mistakes and feedback. It is about how you blend and mold yourself positively in life.

You can always be happy and content with your life because of all the adventures and challenges you face in your life. Something exciting will always await you, and no day will be the same as the other day for you. 

More than anything, you can always be satisfied for having your ability under your control, and your thirst to learn more and more will make you reach great heights.

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