Foods That Lower Anxiety

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Foods That Lower Anxiety

Here’s food for your thoughts: food for anxiety. There’s shouldn’t be a dividing line between what we eat and how we think. It sounds a little unconventional but we’ve read on research to back this idea up.

Studies have shown that there are certain types of food that can stimulate “happy thoughts” in our brain. We’ll be giving you a list in a while. Now, although there are specific food items that directly affect your brain cells, your diet as a whole will also be a constant in affecting your mood and behavior.

If you eat healthily, then you’ll feel good. And when you feel good, then your mood will follow suit by feeling just as elated. But when you don’t eat healthily, all the artificial elements and oil will wear your body down.

So, when you feel heavy, you will also find yourself without energy, and just out of it. By out of it, we mean not in the mood to do anything. Not in the mood to actually be productive. Of course, it’s the first that we want to center on in this post.

How Food Affects Mood

It’s a known fact that healthy food keeps the body from diseases, maintains correct weight (against height), and allows the mind and heart to be in full shape and function. Therefore, when our bodies are functioning according to how they are supposed to, how we feel and think will be balanced.

Food For Anxiety

As we’ve always said, “go natural.” Avocado and asparagus contain mood boosters that calm the nerves. Seafood such as salmon and mackerel, on the other hand, have omega-3 fatty acids that enhances brain function. When the brain is working well, it sends signals to our body so that we are able to have good mood. Other fruits, vegetables and nuts that are high in antioxidants are also the to go as these nutrients help protect cells and reduce anxiety.

1. Food For Anxiety: The UltraMind Solution

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Foods That Lower Anxiety

Mark Hyman, M.D. presents you with a very simple and direct solution to the problem. If the brain is sending negative signals, then the body must be taken care of first. He offers practical tips from exercising for concentration and clarity, and having healthy meal plans for energy. That, and coffee! This well-researched booked will definitely blow your mind as you find out what ways you can follow to keep anxiety at bay, every time.

2. Food For Anxiety: The Anti-Anxiety Food Solution

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Foods That Lower Anxiety

Here is a very specific book about very specific nutrients and how they can specifically stimulate good mood in the brain. We fail to realize that what we eat actually plays a role in how our emotions and feelings. So author Trudy Scott has found a way to let these tie up. Point out what causes your anxiety. Point out what nutrients you should be having to fight against it. And stop dwelling on the negative. Eat well and be happy!

3. Food For Anxiety: The Anti-Anxiety Diet

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Foods That Lower Anxiety

Stress and panic need not have a foothold in your life! Check out this easy-to-follow book that not only has info on to do’s and not to do’s, but meal plans and recipes you can prepare on your own. Have a holistic approach to dealing with anxiety and fully live your life!

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