Things That Make You Free


How to be happy? When the majority of an entire generation starts asking this question, believe that things are not how they should be. We have got more money than any of our ancestors could ever dream of having. And yet, we keep looking for happiness. Quite clearly, monetary needs are restricted to a certain level, and beyond that, it does not give us any happiness. So, how to be happy? Here’s a simple way. Do what liberates you.

How To Be Happy: A Simple Answer Often Ignored

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Things That Make You Free

When we ask ourselves, how to be happy, we often try to find happiness in monetary gains or our possessions. What we seldom realize is that we are not getting happiness because we are not free from the clutches of wanting more and never doing that really sets us free. Don’t get me wrong, I am not completely against wanting more and wishing to be richer. After all, we all know that the world runs on money. And, on any given day, financial security indeed guarantees peace of mind in certain ways. However, they are not always food for the soul. And, that’s where we find happiness.

Know What Your Heart Desires

You need to be true to yourself. You will have to know what your heart desires. What is it that frees your soul? For some, it can be painting, while others love reading, and then there are those who love traveling. The desires are plenty. And it varies from one person to another. So, ask yourself. What is it that liberates you? Because, that is the answer to your question, how to be happy.

Stop Worrying About What Others Will Say

As long as you are not doing something illegal that will land you in jail, and as long as your actions are not causing anyone any damage, stop worrying. People will always express one opinion or other. You simply cannot change that. So, stop worrying and do what feels right. If you wish to quit the job and become an entrepreneur, do it. you can never satisfy everyone. Till the time those who are close to you are happy, you need not worry too much about what others are saying.

You Don’t Owe Everyone

One of the things many among us often forget is that we don’t owe everyone. Stop feeling guilty because you got sick. Stop feeling guilty because you could not be there for someone at all times. It is not humanly possible to always do something for someone no matter what. You have a life, and you have your responsibilities too. These need to be balanced. Or else, you will forget to care about yourself.

Secret To Happiness Often Lies In The Small Things

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Things That Make You Free

While we keep asking how to be happy and try to get even more, the secret often lies in the small things. Those few moments we spend with someone we love, those long walks under the starry sky, those moments of binge-watching, they are all small packets of happiness. Don’t ignore them. Grasp them with both hands. And, you will find happiness in corners you never knew existed!

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