How To Practice Kindness

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How To Practice Kindness

Paying It Forward Matters

This might be a little bit of a cliche. Or maybe it’s a concept that doesn’t need much attention because we think it doesn’t hold much ground when it comes to practical, everyday life. However, when we practice kindness, not only does it help others, it helps ourselves, as well.

Remember that movie? Some of you might be too young to have seen it, or too occupied with other things in your routine to remember. But that movie, similar to the sub-title of this portion of the post, has so many lessons you squeeze out from it.

Now movies aren’t the only way for us to learn about the values of and in life. Life itself is our greatest teacher. What movies, books, and other external materials can teach are only useful if we apply them in reality. In our reality.

What Is Kindness?

No, this is not an oversimplification. We know that everyone has a good grip on what being kind is. But do we really? In the sense that we practice kindness? It’s being considerate of others. Being generous. Showing that we can be selfless without expecting anything in return

Why Practice Kindness

This sounds like a values education topic yet it doesn’t change the fact that kindness is actually what makes the world go round. The reason we are able to create and maintain relationships and build better societies.

Furthermore, practicing kindness actually benefits us as well! We’re not saying you should take on this act for yourself only. What we ARE saying is that if we live lives that are content and are willing to reach out a little to others around us, the reward is way more than we think!

Why Practice Kindness

You reap what you sow. A much loved saying, now cliche but still relevant. And it has never been false. This absolute truth has surpassed generations and is still the absolute truth today. We can’t live our lives only for ourselves. Plus, this is why we live around people. The reason why we are not alone. We are meant to reach out to each other and help each other out.

Hear us out. It’s not that we’re promoting that you practice this character trait because it’s going to be good for you. As we’ve mentioned, it just so happens that there are great rewards a person is able to receive when “paying it forward.”

The Benefits of Practicing Kindness

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How To Practice Kindness

First, being generous and helpful to others increases happiness. Studies have shown that because these acts form a holistic sense of self-fulfillment, thus resulting in an increase in self-esteem. A person becomes surer and more aware of himself or herself when he or she has the good of another person in mind and in action.

Second, researches have said that there is such a thing called the “helper’s high.” See, not all highs are negative. And this one, in particular, is something should be promoted and spread everywhere. When we practice kindness, our perspectives in life become more optimistic. In addition to that, optimism is like a magnet that attracts other positive traits as well. It builds the entire person. That, simply by being kind.

Another benefit is that is affecting our relationships for the better. When we feel good about ourselves by helping others out, we become less self-centered. Hold up. We still love ourselves, however, we learn how to be aware of those around us. This, in turn, teaches us to care for our relationships more.

When the mind is filled with positive emotions, these signal the brain to function properly. Stress and anxiety are usually among the causes of why our bodily functions are disrupted from their normal courses. Likewise, when we have less stress, then our body has no reason to act abnormally.

So pay it forward. Do random acts of kindness and you’ll witness your life change for the best. You’ll witness yourself change for the best you that you can be.