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Low Self Esteem

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Low self-esteem is a lack of faith, confidence, and believes in you. It mostly starts at the early age of your child. It is developed in one when it is not treated well or always suspected. This is also developing in that child who is compared to others and treated poorly. This makes you think badly about yourself.

It develops negative thinking about our self. You start hating yourself. Always talk negatively. Speak less. Start hiding your feelings. Ever want to stay away from society. This happens when you get negative comments from others. You bullied by your elders, friends, or others about your looks, physic, voice and many more.

Low Self Esteem Or Lack Of Confidence
Low Self Esteem

When you start thinking that you are less than others, you also start losing your confidence. When you are pressurized to do something which makes you uncomfortable, it also takes you to the way of negative approach towards yourself.

Some Causes Of Low Self Esteem Are:

Always Treated Poorly Cause Low Self Esteem

When you are ever hearing, you are not good at doing this and that. Or even when you put your efforts to do your best and then too, you heard that it’s wrong to do it again it lowers your confidence. And you start realizing that you are not capable of doing things. It develops you as a negative person.

When You Get Less Attention:

When it comes to attention, it also plays a crucial part. As if you achieve something and not get much attention or ignored by your parents, friends, and others at all, you started thinking and searching for the reason behind that. And when you do not get something satisfying, you start blaming yourself. It leaves a painful and adverse impact on you.

Taunted Even By Family:

When you mocked by others or at your home too, it makes you feel not well at all. It becomes a hard situation for you when you are taunted by your friend or others in your society, school or other places and at home too. It gives you the fell of being tortured and makes you hate persons around you and detached you from society.


If you are bully or tease by others, sometimes it is taken regularly. But when it becomes a routine, it is enough to fell low. As many times you are bullied by others on your looks, the way you talk, your physic, and many more it lowers your confidence.

Low Self Esteem Or Lack Of Confidence
Low Self Esteem

You started feeling shy or uncomfortable in front of others. You try to hide even at get together too. It annoys you if other stares you. When you catch someone smiling it give a thought they are making fun of yours this frustrated you.

All Rounder Or Perfection:

When you want to do everything perfect and some things not go according to you, it makes you think the contrary. Nothing or no one is perfect. And it is universal if everyone is perfect then how would they grow or learn. One learns from the mistake. And you thought you are not perfect in everything and star judging yourself and remarking yourself negatively.

Low Self Esteem Or Lack Of Confidence
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