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What Is The Advantage Of Positive Thinking

Quick fixes don’t work in personal development. There are no quick fixes in improving skills and personal development. Many people know this, but they don’t like to hear this statement. One needs time, self-discipline, and commitment to better your skills and overall life.

It is human nature to look for shortcuts and quick fixes that can fix your way. Everyone tends to look for the one solution to all the problems. They want to find a program or a book that can fix everything. However, most of the things don’t work like that way. One of the reasons that it is real is quick fixes never last forever. Even they are not sustainable. A quick fix for any problem or your personal development is only to hold things together for some time. It will be effective only until they get another long-term solution found. For example, it considers as a Band-Aid.

No Quick Fix Work For Your Personal Development

Positive Things Lasts For Life Time In Personal Development

A New Habit Can Take Some Days To Set In

Whenever we try to change our behavior or habits, it takes almost 21 to 30 days to set in for consistent, repetitive behavior. There are no quick fixes to improve your practices and habits.

Habituation And Psychological Factors for Personal Development

The things that we do daily are called habituation things. It can also be called as getting used to things. Some of the elements can fix in mind without knowing that they are working or not; they are called psychological homeostasis. Therefore, it is very challenging to change your habits or mindsets. Habituation makes it very difficult for quick fixes or behavior changes to hold the things permanently.

Certain Attempts Depend On Some Repetitive Strategies

For example, if you want to lose weight, you need to have some patience and work hard. You can’t lose 50 pounds of weight by not eating anything for one day. You need to execute a plan and needs to set some the calories amount to reduce at a specific time. However, the weight will come off steadily and slowly.

To illustrate, if you want to maintain a good relationship, you be pleasant and agreeable with everyone. This type of behavior shouldn’t just be for two to three days. It will take days, months, or even more in building a relationship of trust. Likewise, working on your goals will not happen just in one day. Goals are achievable slowly if you work hard.

Takes Some Time For Commitment And Hard Work

Sometimes, it is not easy to focus on something and getting committed. However, for that case, we look for some of the quick fixes, instead of working hard to achieve it. We need to know that it will take time, dedication, and hard work for personal development. Therefore, there are no quick-fix solutions to improve ourselves within a night.

Confidence is like trust. Improvement creates confidence levels, and belief produces competence. Ultimately, it leads to improving personal development.

No Quick Fix Work For Your Personal Development
No Quick Fix Work For Your Personal Development

Commitments To Make Differences To Personal Development

  • Stop pleasing everyone
  • Try to say ‘no.’ Learn where to say yes and where to say no
  • Grant your opportunities or your mistakes for growth
  • Take responsibility for your actions
  • Try to help others
  • Try to quit worrying about your past.

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