Personal Development-Improvement

Personal Development-Improvement

The concept of development-improvement has become a common term in the field of personal growth. There are various theories and practices that outline ways of developing oneself. It is a process of maturity.

This is a broad overview of development-improvement that I want to give you in order to understand the definition of personal development. But before I get into that, I want to explain to you what it means to grow and develop yourself. This may help you better understand the concept of personal development.

Personal Development

Personal Development-Improvement

In Chinese, this concept of development-improvement is referred to as body nourishment. So it is actually about the growth of the body. The body is composed of three main organs; the muscular, skeletal, and nervous. Body nourishment is the method of feeding the body with nutrients for healthy growth. The three major body nourishment concepts are; feeding, detoxification, and healing.

Diet is the feeding of the body. Some foods are high in protein, while others are low in protein. When the body is nourished with proper nutrition, it will develop and grow, thus increasing in stature and overall health. The two concepts of nutrition and body nourishment are not mutually exclusive.

Importance Of Personal Development

From my perspective, the two concepts are related but must be approached separately in a developmental approach. That is, we need to feed the body properly to increase in stature and overall health. But this can be accomplished without the use of supplements.

A body nourishment practice is what you eat every day. Proper nutrition is what feeds the body, keeps it in good shape, and lets it grow. Our bodies require food from the day we are born until we die. The concept of body nourishmentis getting to the root of your problem and it helps you address the problem at its core.

There are many foods that are considered to be body nourishment foods. It is all important to know which foods are best to eat to help with personal development. This is to say that if you have a body nourishment deficiency, you are not getting the right amount of food to stimulate your body and help to increase in stature and overall health.

For instance, the fad of eating junk food has proven to be ineffective. The body does not process junk food as it should. In this case, the body becomes sick, because it has not grown up or developed properly. And what we have instead are a series of illnesses and diseases caused by the lack of nutrition and not body nourishment.

Know More

If you are not sure where to start with your development-improvement goals, look for foods that are high in protein and fiber. This would be a great start. With the right amounts of protein and fiber, you would start gaining back your energy, losing weight, and looking and feeling better. You will also be more confident and energized.

Along with body nourishment, you must also improve your internal processes. This is where detoxification comes in. This is an essential step in development-improvement as it is cleansing the body of unwanted toxins that are found in the body.


“No Pain, No Gain” Statement Bracelet

Cleanse your colon and body to purify the system. This is a necessity for those who have been carrying around a lot of toxins and waste. The detoxification process is the main step to personal development-improvement and it is something that should not be taken lightly.

Take the time to cleanse your body of all of the toxins that your body has accumulated over the years. It will be your first step to improvement-development. The benefits will be many, and you will feel it, and experience it.

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