Power Of Positive Thought – 3 Ways To Manifest Your Desires

power of positive thought

Just like a muscle, if you don’t use it you lose it, if you don’t work it you dull it and inhibit its effectiveness. The power of positive thought is a natural ability that we all have and we all use, but we don’t realize how powerful it truly is.

Think about what makes you feel sad, discouraged or angry. Is it some external thing, like the decline of a relationship, the death of a loved one, or another event that happened in your life? The real answer is to strive to identify negative thoughts, replace them with positive ones, and then move on. By breaking the downward cycle of negativity and hopelessness, replacing these thoughts with ones of gratitude and hopefulness, you will be able to transform your emotional mood. But what if those thoughts don’t go away?

The Power Of Positive Thinking

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Something else that happens is your mental attitude begins to change. If you are using the power of positive thinking to change your outlook on life, it doesn’t mean that you will automatically think happy thoughts. You may have negative thoughts that lead you down the wrong path. If you focus on changing your negative thinking to positive thoughts, soon your attitude will reflect that and you will begin to have more happiness, even as you continue to work on changing your outlook on life.

Your thoughts are not based on what is true, but on what you think about the most. If you think many negative thoughts, those will become your reality. When you want to be successful, you focus on that and you push forward. When you start to think many positive things, that will become your reality too. And soon, your positive thoughts will begin to take over your negative ones. When this happens, your life becomes a new one!

Dreams, Goals And Plans

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Another way to manifest your desires faster is to start thinking of positive thoughts about your dreams, goals and plans. Think about the rewards you will get when you achieve them. This will motivate you to take action. By thinking positively about your goals and dreams, you will attract the positive things you want into your life.

And when you look at your situation with a different perspective, you will find that you have an opportunity to change it. Instead of looking at it as a challenge, which it is, look at it as an opportunity. Instead of wasting time and energy thinking negatively, think positively. Instead of thinking “I can’t,” look at it as “I can!” Positive thoughts will change the outcome you desire.

And finally, take time every day to visualize your success, instead of focusing on what you don’t have. See yourself achieving your goals. Visualize the feeling of pride in your accomplishments. Use creative visualization techniques to make it happen. The more you do this, the faster you will manifest your goals in your life.


So you see, there is something else that goes along with having a positive attitude. It has to do with using positive thoughts. You see, if you focus on all the negatives in your life, instead of focusing on all the positives, then you won’t achieve anything. Instead of attracting positivity into your life, you might end up attracting negativity. So it is very important to train yourself to think positively and always be grateful for whatever you do have.

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