Cultivating Self Awareness


Self awareness is the awareness of oneself where the self is what makes the identity of an individual. There are exclusive elements that come together to make up the self of a person. These are abilities, thoughts, and experiences. Being aware of oneself means being self-conscious. It is a situation where we continuously evaluate and even compare our behaviors with our internal values and standards. So, how do we go about cultivating this awareness? Have a look below:

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Cultivating Self Awareness

Cultivate Self Awareness By Creating Space For Yourself

You might not be able to see things clearly if you are in a room filled with darkness. You need to have some windows to perceive things. The space you make for yourself is that window in the room that allows light to make its way.

Dedicate some time to yourself. Make space for yourself every day. You can do this either in the morning or at night before going to bed. Keep digital distractions away and try spending quality time with yourself. You can use this time in reading, meditating, or writing. You can even connect with yourself during this time.

Understand The Things That Bother You About Others

This is important. Very often, the things we dislike in others are a reflection of qualities we dislike in ourselves as well. As a human being, you will surely have certain aspects you might not be proud of. You should be aware of these things even though they will fill you with negativity.

Not thinking about your bad habits or behaviors is not the solution. Ignoring these things can feel blissful, but the reality is completely different. It will not be joyful in the long run. So, watch out what you dislike in other people. It will be a reflection of what you do as a person.

Meditation Is Important For Cultivating Self Awareness

You might be aware of mindful meditation. Meditation is nothing but focusing on particular physical sensations, including your breath. You will mind your mind moving to some other thoughts. Mindful meditation is all about bringing your mind back to the point of focus.

Meditation will help you in getting relief from depression and losing weight as well. Nevertheless, it can be the right way of increasing your self-awareness level. To be more specific, meditation is the right way of learning more about your feelings and thoughts and the way they work. Practicing mindful meditation every day can help in understanding the working of the thinking mind.

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Cultivating Self Awareness

Reading Good Quality Fiction

Great writers are the ones who observe things minutely. This potential of watching subtle features and details of life allows writers to recreate the same in their work. Reading good quality fiction will thus help you in thinking about people carefully.

You will get better at observing things as well as other people. This is turn will make you a quality observer of your thoughts and behaviors. You can either read your favorites or get recommendations from friends and family members.