Self Growth Completes Our Self Independence -

Self Growth Completes Our Self Independence

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Self-growth is something that we all should pursue, but more importantly it is something we must do. A life full of achievements and happiness is only possible if we have self-growth as well. Yet this is easier said than done. Life is so full of pressures, commitments, problems and hindrances that it is easy to put things off indefinitely. However, if you want to be happy, successful and truly content with yourself then you have to get started today and nurture your self growth.

An Overview

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If we don’t nurture our self in this day and age then we are doomed to live a short, miserable and stressed out life. We can start by re-training our mind, body and spirit so that we focus on what we want from life and give ourselves goals to work towards. This will give us something to look forward to in the long run. It is very easy to allow the pressures of life to bring us down and this is why we have to get proactive and work towards improving ourselves so that we can enjoy the good things in life.

One of the best ways to gain self growth is by making sure that we take the time to care for ourselves. This may sound like a lot of pressure but once you stop and think about how you feel when someone doesn’t take the time to look after themselves then you will realise how important it is to take care of yourself. You have to eat, sleep, exercise and live so why not care for yourself? After all, who wants to live a life where they are depressed, tired, have aches and pains and are without any self worth?

Have A Mentor

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Another way to gain self-growth is by having a mentor. Someone who has experienced the highs and lows of life first hand and has managed to overcome them. By having someone who knows you well you can gain insight and also support which will help you to stay positive even when things go wrong. Having someone to lean on and depend on when you feel blue is so very important and will really help you stay on track.

The pursuit of self growth should also involve building up your personal confidence. You need to be proud of who you are and what you have achieved. It is really easy to go on about what you have achieved but until you start to believe it, you won’t be able to achieve it. You can do this by reading books and articles about success, making lists of people you admire and talk to other successful people. Just remember that you need to be confident as it’s another part of yourself. If you surround yourself with only positive people and think positively, you will start to see the changes that are needed in your life.

Confidence Booster

We all know that building up our self-esteem is a great way to gain self-growth but what about having a ‘confidence booster’ to push you forward? There are lots of different things that you could try such as taking up a sport or joining a gym. These things might be good for your self-image but do they offer long term benefits? Probably, not so if you are looking for long term results.

In order to gain long term benefits from your self growth you need to do things that will give you long term results. That means improving your self-esteem, becoming more confident and self-aware, avoiding the bad things in life and being more assertive. You also need to plan ahead. The best way to plan ahead is to write down what you want to achieve in life, set a goal and then follow through.


It sounds simple but we sometimes underestimate how much planning and thinking go into our lives. A lot of us just say things out of the blue without any thought or consideration whatsoever. We tend to take things for granted and don’t bother to analyse or consider the effect that it may have on us. This is why self-growth should be a regular part of our lives. If you feel like you need some help in this area then why not take a self-growth course.

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