Sending Positive Thoughts and Prayers – April Yamasaki -

Sending Positive Thoughts and Prayers – April Yamasaki

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In the midst of great distress, some say that they no longer want “thoughts and prayers.” In the face of tragedy, these words may come across as an automatic reflex offering little comfort or real empathy. They may seem a weak substitute for the concrete action needed to address pressing problems. Here is how I want to heal you.

Positive Thoughts and Prayers

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May you continue to experience God’s gracious presence as you walk these next steps.

Lord have mercy! Praying that you would feel God’s tender embrace.

Sending love and praying comfort and hope for you.

You remain in our thoughts and in our prayers, which are sometimes just those wordless cries for God’s mercy and grace to be with you.

May you sense the presence of the Lord every moment.

Blessings and grace to you.

Sending ongoing, loving thoughts.

Prayers and blessings to you. May you be lifted up knowing God is the head doctor.

Thinking of you and praying for God’s healing touch, comfort, and strength in your lives.

May the many prayers for healing sustain you.

May God surround you with His perfect peace. May He place His healing hand on you, and may you feel the love of those around you.

May God give you courage, hope, peace, and healing!

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Praying for peace. You are surrounded by prayer and love.

Covering you and your husband in prayer as you navigate this trial. May he recover quickly and smoothly, and may you both find strength and peace in God’s provision and protection.

Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers: for support, healing, and good medicine.

Peace and grace to you on the journey.

May God draw you closer to Himself and to each other during this time, and bring healing from this distress. May God’s Spirit wrap you in warm blankets of comfort and renewing strength.

Prayers for you today, for the peace that passes all understanding.

May you both sense God very near!

Prayers of healing for this next part of your journey together.

We are saddened to learn that you are in the hospital. We are praying for a good recovery and return home. COVID keeps us all distant, but we are with you both in spirit.

Praying for both of you to be carried close to God now and in the days to come.

You are in our thoughts and prayers! Jesus can speak peace into a storm is our reassurance.

May the God of all comfort be evident during these days.

May the Lord give you strength day by day.

Sending healing thoughts and prayers!!! Love and hugs!! Prayers for healing for him, and prayers for strength for you. Please God, give strength and care as they go down this next road. Give guidance and expertise to the medical personnel.

I’m praying for you both and for wisdom for the doctors.  Praying for healing and the best possible outcome.

“In the prison courtyard here there is a thrush which sings a beautiful little song every morning, and now he has started in the evening too. One is grateful for little things, and that also is a gain.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Prisoner for God. I hope you find joys of whatever size today. I hope they lift your spirits.

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