5 Signs of Low Self Esteem

5 Signs Of Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is nothing more than a lack of confidence. When you don’t feel good enough or inferior or underestimate your abilities by comparing yourself to others, you are the victim of low self-esteem, knowingly or unknowingly.

Most of the people don’t understand the indications of low self-esteem and relate it with just negative thoughts. However, negative thoughts are just one part of it. When a person continuously faces adverse situations and stays in negative emotions, the person starts experiencing low morale.

You should observe the following points to know if low self-esteem is perturbing you or not:

1. Exaggeration

People experiencing diminishing self-worth always try to exaggerate their problems. It’s because they feel the problem to be very big even if it’s too small. They apologize for the living and assume everything tough in life. They feel the world is hell and see the most negative in it. In fact, this negativity goes such high that they consider that whatever happens to them is bad only and destiny has not written anything good for them.

2. Blame

You may have seen people blaming the luck for their failure. These are the persons who fail back to back and rest with disappointment only. If it’s not the luck, they will find an excuse or a valid reason to cover their mistake. However, it will be quite unfair to say that everybody who blames others for their failure is low in morale. You may also see various people giving such excuses to be lazy or less-interested.

While judging a person as a victim of low self-esteem, you should use the collective approach and consider other sides of that person too.

5 Signs Of Low Self-Esteem
5 Signs Of Low Self-Esteem

3. Social Withdrawal

Social withdrawal doesn’t mean that a person is facing low morale every time. However, when you take the wholesome approach or integrate the behavior of a person, you will be able to find the reason for his or her social withdrawal. In most of the cases, it is because of negative self-image and fear of judgment. Such people love to be alone and call themselves introvert just to cover the tag of being less-social. Moreover, they feel less-lovable and insecure due to their internal conflicts.

4. More Naps

The lessen your confidence is, the more anxiety and stress will be felt by you. People facing regular anxiety are more prone to depression and mental pressure. You will notice that when your mind is disturbed, then you either feel sleepless or feel sleepy every time. No matter howmuchever you sleep, you won’t feel it enough or satisfactory. Ultimately it causes various health problems starting from hypertension to high blood pressure.

5 Signs Of Low Self-Esteem
5 Signs Of Low Self-Esteem

5. Afraid of Criticism

It is the basis for demotivation and disappointment. The failure rarely breaks a person internally, but the fear of what people will say, how they will react, if they doubt your abilities, and so on, break the inner strength of a person.

After facing unbearable critics, such people usually don’t take new tasks. In fact, they inculcate the nature of putting others down in order to prove self-supremacy.