The Importance of Having the scriptures on Positive Thinking -

The Importance of Having the scriptures on Positive Thinking

scriptures on positive thinking

scriptures on positive thinking are available for the reader who would like to know what they are. The scriptures do not go into detail but rather to highlight the need for positive thinking. They also go into great detail about how it should be undertaken. There are some very obvious benefits to having thought patterns in place and some subtle ones as well.

I have found that when I am actively using positive thinking I am able to solve problems far more quickly and effectively than I ever before. This goes for both my business and personal life. If I am stuck on something, I can usually get it resolved fairly quickly without having to go through the lengthy route of arguing with my partner or boss. When I am positive I am far more patient with others and I finish up in a much better mood.

Famous Scriptures On Positive Thinking

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A few of my favourite scriptures on positive thinking are Proverbs 12th chapter and verse. Here is the wording; Be not afraid of change or you will perish. There is a reason for this and that is that this is all about changing your attitudes to what you are used to. It is only by changing that which you fear. Once you change your attitude towards change, you will begin to see the results.

The other great book on positive thinking, I can recommend is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Again there is a reason for this, The Bible itself provides many scriptures on positive thinking. In this book you will also find quite a few that have to do with money.

Here is one that I found particularly interesting; The fool will not succeed because he thinks too much. He will do what he thinks because of the habit he has acquired. The habit of thinking that you must not think is that you resist doing what you want to do. So, if you resist doing what you want then you will never be successful. The successful person knows how to think positively.

More About Scriptures On Positive Thinking

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When I was growing up I always heard scriptures like the following. If you have two minutes to spend, try reading one of these and see how it can help you. Think about these situations and what would happen if you were in them. What would your reaction be?

Do you think a child should be limited to what they cannot handle? Would you like to go to a country that has a strong Christian influence so that they do not have to worry about being burned at the stake for being gay? You can use these positive thinking mantras and say things to yourself like I can do anything I want. I will be an amazing mother someday.

The point I am trying to make is that there are many ways you can go about having a positive attitude and the best way is by just thinking it. This is what I did and I started to change my attitude. It took me years but I am now an amazing mother and I love my God with all my heart.

When I was younger I was very negative and I think that kept me from ever going anywhere in life. When you are young you are more impressionable and it is easy to believe any negative comments that people make to you. It took me a while but I finally started to notice a difference in my attitude. I began to see that I could do anything I wanted when I put my mind to it and this led me on the path of positive thinking.

Reasons To Read Scriptures On Positive Thinking

People often ask me why I think the way I do and I tell them that it just comes from inside me. I have to tell someone because nobody else is going to know the real answer to your problem. If you don’t ask then you don’t get the answer. When I say I think positively, I mean I put myself in situations where I feel positive. I usually find that when I do this I am much more positive.

Another good reason to think positively is to make an effort to better yourself. Sometimes we need to be helped by others and it can help us become better people. The point is to never look down on others or think negatively. By doing this you will only attract negativity in yourself. By using the power of positive affirmations you can change your outlook and start attracting more positive things instead of more negative things.


It is important to realize that you are not this book, the scriptures on positive thinking are for the average person. We all have different personalities and have different needs. If you find that you have a habit of being negative all the time, then changing this is going to be a big step for you. Just take a few minutes to read through a few different scriptures and then you will be on your way to having a positive attitude.

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