Impressive Body Language

Top 4 Tips For Impressive Body Language

It doesn’t matter you notice or not, your body language sends signals to people. These signals say much more than you speak. However, this is not true every time. Interpretation of your posture, gesture, and expression varies from person to person, and it depends on to whom you are talking.

Your close ones who see you since your childhood or know you very well rarely judge you from body language because they know how you react, how you behave and what your habits are. However, when it comes to a professional mechanism and formal behavior, you should consider how you are presenting yourself to others.

Following points are some common interpretation of gestures and postures to improve your formal as well as informal communication:

1. Smiley Face

Nothing is more interactive than a smiley face. And the most important thing is you don’t need to force yourself to smile, it comes automatically. It creates a positive atmosphere around you. Have you noticed in your regular life that when you see your known ones suddenly on the road or in the market, you just smile? No matter you talk to them or not, just smile is a complete form of interaction in itself.

Smile is a tactic that works perfectly for formal as well as informal communication. So, keep your face smiley while communicating even if you are not happy or neutral.

Top 4 Tips For Impressive Body Language
Top 4 Tips For Impressive Body Language

2. Eye-Contact

What do you consider most while talking to a person? Of course, eyes. Most of the people judge with their eyes. Its personal communication or a professional one, you should scroll your eyes towards all of them naturally in order to build a communicative connection. While making eye-contact, make sure that you are not gazing at any person. It feels weird and makes another person uncomfortable sometimes.

You should avoid seeing up or down frequently. If you do this, it presents that you are less-confident and afraid of anything. So, keep one-to-one eye contact for a confident interaction.

3. Avoid Crossing Arms And Legs

Crossing your legs and arms represents that you are less interested in talking. It indicates that you are rude, insecure, defensive, and guarded. For formal interactions, you should check yourself, your posture and facial expression.

Top 4 Tips For Impressive Body Language
Top 4 Tips For Impressive Body Language

4. Avoid Touching Your Face Frequently

Various people genuinely touch their face without any reason while communicating. It distracts not only the listeners but also disturbs the flow of conversation. If it is your habit to touch here and there, you should practice it in front of a mirror or imagine yourself talking.

It is advised that don’t force your body to state a particular body language rather make it a habit. If it becomes your habit, it will come naturally and will keep you comfortable. Force adoption of body language makes you uncomfortable, and sometimes, another person notices this lack of ease in your positions or language. It may impact negatively.

So, keep your body language easy, simple yet attractive. Don’t be nervous, and feel confident while talking.

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