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Using the Power of the Mind to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Mind by Earl Nightingale is an easy-to-read book that teaches readers how they can utilize their subconscious power to create a positive, fulfilling life. A common-sense approach to reaching success in one’s lifetime. Presents step-by-steps, practical techniques, and affirmations to help readers transform negative thinking, limitation beliefs, and personal limitations, into productive action, faith, and confidence. The author shows readers how to:

An Overview

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“If you want beyond positive thinking, you must read this book. It will change your life.” – Karen Smith, author of Think and Grow Rich. I agree with her assessment of this must read book: “If you want beyond positive thinking, you must read this book.”

This is a fascinating study by the University of Toronto professor, epigenetics. Here is the short title to the book. “Genealogy, Self Help, and Beyond: Using Genealogy, Self Help, and Positive Visualization Techniques to Develop a Positive Image.” In an interesting introduction, Prof. Nightingale relates his research and teaching to his teaching of epigenetics. He points out that there are three key areas that need attention in order to enhance and increase one’s self esteem, self image, and self-confidence.

The Power Of Positive Thinking

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These are in line with what I teach my clients and students about beyond positive thinking, positive imagery, and methylation. These areas of focus and emphasis, for the purposes of this review, will be discussed and will be further described. Also, a very important area that the author needs to make clear is that methylation, which is also referred to as epimethylation, is a critical key to activating positive memories and thoughts. Therefore, a very important part of this very useful and beneficial book is that the author makes sure that he explains what methylation is and what its role is in activating positive memories and thoughts.

In many ways, I think that the book does a very good job at both of those aspects. It is important to make sure that one understands what methylation is in order to appreciate this important aspect of this remarkable book. Methylation is basically when one’s brain prints a specific message. In this case, the message is that happy memories come to mind when one thinks and is exposed to happy experiences, and that negative thoughts bring to mind bad memories, and bad experiences bring to mind happy memories.

This in itself can be a powerful way beyond positive thinking and beyond positive imagery. It has been proven that by engaging in imagery and positive affirmations, one can increase one’s concentration, focus, creativity, and productivity. It is also been scientifically proven that engaging in visualizations can aid in the process of learning and memory enhancement. Therefore, this is very valuable information. In addition, the author shows how it can help people de-stress and alleviate feelings of anxiety and frustration.

In The End

The power of positive imagery and visualizing in general cannot be overemphasized. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Beyond positive thinking, visualizing can do miracles for people all over the world. Try it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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